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Couple Promise Rings Set: What you must Know

Veretta, Eternity or Riviera The Riviera is a well-known wedding ring. It is made up of the band of metal, usually white gold with an uninterrupted line of gems (usually diamonds, but not always) It can comprise of five small diamonds, or an entire circumference of precious stones (sometimes called Riviera).

It could also comprise two rows of stones, and often has a resemblance to an Elizabethan crown. The diamonds aren't placed around the entire circumference, but only a portion (also for reasons of comfort) and it is often referred to as half-eternity.

It is an emblem of love that never ends. It is commonly used as a ring for anniversary celebrations for important milestones such as 10 years of marriage.

Matching Necklaces, or Fede is the most sought-after ring used for weddings. It is usually a smooth metal band constructed of yellow gold. The size, thickness and curvature can vary. There are people who opt for variants in white gold, or with a tiny diamond set into the band. Inside, the wedding date and names of the couple can be inscribed. In Central-Eastern Europe and the Iberian Peninsula, it is usually worn on the left ring-finger.

The first time it was worn, it was by the bride. Today, it is customary to be worn by both spouses, beyond the boundaries of customs and religions.

Toi et Moi or Contrarie A ring with two similar stones, that meet against the other. Of course, they aren't the same and this combined with the design will make it clear that we're talking about two different people who meet and complete each the other. The ring stands for the unbreakable bond between two lovers. Napoleon gave it to his future wife Josephine who wrote on it the words "You and I forever". The ring's popularity increased following that. This ring is ideal to experiment with design and style because the stones are diverse and can offer strong contrasts, but also harmony and balance. Sometimes the tops have an animal shapes, like snake heads. The crucial thing is to increase the duality and unity.

Trinity It was designed by Louis Cartier and has been copied and popularized ever since. It is comprised of three metal rings in rose gold for love, yellow gold for fidelity and white gold for friendship (initially made from platinum), which intersect.

The Trinity has a religious significance, and its name (Holy Trinity) certainly reflects this. In Russia, the Trinity ring is always the wedding ring that is worn on the right.

Trilogy is not to be confused with trinity which we have seen. It is a band that has three stones, typically diamonds. In addition to representing the financial availability of the spouse it is also a crucial commitment to love. The three stones represent love for all times that is yesterday, today and tomorrow. In the language of lovers, this means I love you I will love you, and I adored you. If it is made of diamonds It also has the meaning of a long-lasting irreparable, unbreakable bond.

Couples who marry in church typically do so because of the religious significance associated with it. This is the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who will bless the marriage.

However, 3 is always a highly symbolic number, which is why it is associated with strength, purity and love.

These rings lend themselves to design and mix interpretations For instance, the trilogy is something that is a cross between a rivera and solitaire. It can also be created with smaller stones scattered throughout the band, just like an eternity.

The trinity is covered with small stones, like three intertwined rings. Solitaires can also be crowned with diamonds.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post I have learned a lot, and having never been concerned about engagement and wedding rings I had to do a lot of study.

This led me to uncover and revisit a lot of things I had lost track of. (If you want to know more about the sources I used). In reality the original post was supposed to be one but it turned out to be two.


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